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Cleaning and Care

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  • Cleaning Solution For Brass Clockworks

    Cleaning Solution For Brass Clockworks

    Ideal cleaning solution for brass plates of pendulums and pendulettes or other brass parts. Stains and gives back shine and shine. Concentrate. ...


    31.00 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Cleaning Stick

    Cleaning Stick

    To scrape away old oil and fat, redLenght 135 mm


    2.00 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Dust Blower

    Dust Blower

    Dust Blower soft Lenght / Diameter 130/58 mm Colour: blue


    7.50 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Dust Blower Bergeon

    Dust Blower Bergeon

    Dust Blower Size 130 mm / 58 mm


    11.50 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Microfibre Cloth, Velours

    Microfibre Cloth, Velours

    Care Cloth Velours microfibre Size: 50x80 cm Different colours


    12.50 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • PolyWatch Plexi Polish

    PolyWatch Plexi Polish

    Removes scratches on plastic watch glasses (e.g. Swatch) and displays from cell phones, digital cameras, Ipods, etc. Easy to use, one tube is e ...


    7.30 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Rodico Premium Cleaning product

    Rodico Premium Cleaning product

    For removing fingerprints etc. on platines, bridges, dials, hands; for removing excess oil. The new, improved version, in light gray. S ...


    5.90 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Rub-Off


    Universal cleaning compound. For balance wheel pivots, train-wheels, for removing stains and finger marks on plates, bridges, dials, excess oil i ...


    4.50 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • Rust Remover

    Rust Remover

    Rust remover for watch parts Instructions for use: Immerse for about 2 minutes, rinse in water and dry immediately. Small parts are rubbed over ...


    21.00 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)
  • 1
Result Pages: