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  • 30. Oktober 2022 Volkshaus Zürich
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  • PolyWatch Glass Polish

    PolyWatch Glass Polish

    The polyWatch Glass Polish is a high-performance diamond polish for all mineral and sapphire glass watch crystals. It removes fine, small and me ...


    24.00 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • PolyWatch Plexi Polish

    PolyWatch Plexi Polish

    Removes scratches on plastic watch glasses (e.g. Swatch) and displays from cell phones, digital cameras, Ipods, etc. Easy to use, one tube is e ...


    7.30 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

  • PolyWatch Watch Protector

    PolyWatch Watch Protector

    Watch glasses made of glass or plastic are susceptible - they scratch very easily and offer a welcome surface for bacteria, dust, dirt and fingerprint ...


    16.00 CHF

    Price excl. VAT

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)
  • 1
Result Pages: