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Pinzette Dumostar® 4

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Sehr feine Spitzen, kräftiger als No. 5, schlanke Form
DUMOSTAR®-Kornzangen von Dumont: Erstklassige Qualität vom Marktführer
Extra fest und hoch elastisch
Gehärtete Spitzen
100% Antimagnetisch
Länge: 119 mm

Dumostar ('Dumont star') was developed and patented by Dumont and is made up of C, Cr, Mo, Mn, Co, Ni and Si. Dumostar is harder and more flexible than the best stainless steel. It offers optimal resistance to all types of corrosion, organic and inorganic acids and salt. It has been adapted for use with human tissues, is 100% antimagnetic and can withstand temperatures from cryonics to a maximum of 500°C. Dumostar can be sterilised up to 500°C. Despite its higher purchase price, Dumostar remains the most cost-effective option and is the most suitable material for all kind of high precision work.
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